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Top 3 European Travel Destinations For 2016

Most people have that kind of an attitude towards most Europe travel destinations. More often than not, it is a valid one too. There are so many Europe holiday packages now available in the market that few believe there to be anything new left to be seen, done or experienced. However, this cannot be further from truth. Just scroll down and discover some of the most fascinating and riveting travel treasures in Europe.

You won’t need to think twice about including them on your next tour package. Do you know why? First off, common options like Paris, London, Vienna, Zurich or Rome are not on this list. We look, instead, at the veritable diamonds in the rough, the hottest and latest travel gems of the region. Beautiful in their own right, these destinations help show the true magnificence of a well-chosen Europe holiday package. So, let’s explore.

Nice ; France

Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur, is beautifully curved round the Bay of Angels, desirable and as lively as you like. Its reputation for glamour is enhanced by an equal reputation for top-end scandal. The clearest-possible light spangles the Mediterranean to create a setting for sybarites, and shadows for well-dressed decadence.

The key sight – it’s unmissable as you wing into Nice airport – is the glorious curve of the Bay of Angels, miles of the loveliest urban sea-front in Europe, fringed by the celebrated Promenade des Anglais. You could spend an entire trip just wandering along here. But you’ll also need to see Nice old town, where the real Niçois re-colonise their city, hosting the south’s finest flower market on the Cours Saleya. Nice centre is easily walkable. Indeed, if you’re doing the Old Town (Vieux Nice) it is only walkable. The streets are barely wide enough for a donkey, never mind a bus. But some things you’ll want to see – the Matisse Museum, the full length of the Promenade des Anglais – will involve a tidy amount of leg-work, which you may care to avoid. Fortunately, Nice has a first-class public transport system.

From Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport , a  private taxi called VTC (voiture de tourism avec chauffeur ) Taxi VTC Nice to the city centre will cost you €23-€31 by day, depending on where you want dropping off, or €28-€33 between 7pm and 7am , booking online an VTC Nice here


Porto; Portugal:

The prominent medieval architecture, the echoes resonating from the many bell towers as well as the spiritual aura of the many baroque churches will help you transcend to a completely different era. Porto does not look like the second largest city of Portugal. But, many will be surprised to find that it is. The village-like plazas in Ribeira district vie for attention with modern architecture like the Casa-de-Musica or the Museu de Arte Contemporânea. A veritable wonder park for any explorer, it is little wonder that Porto is quickly becoming a trendy destination for several tour packages.


Seville; Spain:

Step into modern-day Andalusia with bravado. That’s all that needs to be said. Unrestrained passion, magnificent landmarks, nostalgic and winding alley ways will often be enough to make you fall in love with Seville! Hang out in the many Tapas Bars or dive into the hot and sensational nightlife of this city. The choice is yours. Wherever you come from, when you begin your Seville tour package, the passion exuding from this locale will leave you with a tinge of madness. You will leave with a touch of Espanolon your senses as well as passion in your heart and salsa in your feet!

So, visit these alluring destinations on your next tour package or travel plan. The simple reason for this; your Europe experience will not be complete without them.

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